The Global Solution to Continuing Education


In 2010 the founder of the Continuing Education Alliance conducted research into the growing issues being faced by professionals in multiple industry sectors with complying with their Continuing Education Requirements.

Continuing Education is a legislated requirement of many professionals throughout North America, Europe and Australasia with some parts of Africa and South America now also mandating CE. In regions where CE is not mandated professionals also recognize the importance of continuing to educate themselves and stay up to date with changes within their chosen vocation.

Research showed that despite many sectors requiring similar education content there was no global network of education resources. The WCEA has developed several LMS solutions which enable Universities, Associations, Training Organizations and Individual Experts to create and share CE knowledge both directly and through the WCEA network around the world.

The vision of creating the largest Continuing Education Network in the world is business driven but with philanthropic benefits. Utilizing the latest in cloud technology enables the dissemination of education from developed to developing nations bridging the educational gap by offering the same education resources to all.