World Associations

The World Continuing Education Alliance provides a unique infrastructure of software platforms that networks Continuing Education content across specific industries pooling a valuable source of expertize.

We work with "World Associations" to offer their member a base of Associations and Educational Organizations significant benefits through a network of Learning Management Systems on special partnership terms.

Our team runs every element of the deployment and maintenance of the CE resource and consults with the World Association on which industry accreditors are recognized on the platform.

Creating an autonomous pool of Continuing Education for Associations under the umbrella of the World Association results in excellent synergies to all parties.

Our outsourced service offers a number of ways that members of the World Association can access the CE content for their members, creating a truly viable global CE solution for both developed and developing nations

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World Association Examples:

International Council of Nurses

The International Council of Nurses ( is the umbrella association for more than 16M nurses. Founded in 1899 the ICN is the world's first and widest reaching association for health professionals. The agreement with the WCEA looks to create a valuable resource of continuing education to be studied by nurses in both developed and developing nations.

World Council of Optometrists

The World Council of Optometry ( has entered into a strategic partnership to offer Learning Management solutions to their associate Associations and their Affiliate members. The partnership's aim is to create the largest resource of Optometry CE in the world and to disseminate education material from the developed to developing nations.

World Veterinary Association

The World Veterinary Association ( has a membership base of Veterinary Associations around the world. The WVA Association network provides a great platform to both source Veterinary educational material and disseminate education content to Veterinarians around the world.